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The Frozen Yogurt Industry: 101

When looking to start your own frozen yogurt store, there are many things to consider and important decisions to make. Below, our experts have detailed a few of these vital topics.

Store Layout

One of the reasons frozen yogurt stores have garnered such popularity is due to their stylish and contemporary atmosphere. When designing the layout for your store, be sure that the ambiance is open, trendy and inviting.

Some things to consider include:

  • Contemporary furniture
  • Outdoor seating
  • Wireless internet

The Frozen Yogurt University guide also includes special tips and success secrets.

Yogurt Mix Selection

Another reason why frozen yogurt is gaining popularity so quickly is that it is a healthier alternative to classic desserts such as ice cream and frozen custard.  With the widespread movement towards an increasingly health-conscious society, frozen yogurt has become the guilt-free indulgence treat for people of all ages.  It definitely has some great health benefits.

You will gain customer loyalty by offering a high quality, healthy, and affordable treat.  There are a variety of nonfat, low fat, dairy free, sugar free, and sorbet options available.  Also,  frozen yogurt contain probiotics with live and active cultures that are great for the digestive system as well.

The FYU guide includes a list of information concerning the different brands of yogurt mixes, health benefits, and also complete contact information to help get you in touch with some of the leading yogurt mix suppliers in the industry.


Frozen yogurt machines are the heart and soul of any frozen yogurt shop. After all, you can't serve high quality yogurt without a high quality machine. The FYU guide will give you information on the highest quality and most ideal soft-serve machines for a frozen yogurt business.

Our team has experience working with the best machines in the industry. Some topics include price, quality, production capacity, size, and ease of use.

Frozen Yogurt University will give you the information you need about the industry's leading equipment suppliers to select the best and most reliable equipment for your store.

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